Commute and Shoot / by Jamie Bright

As I step out of my car in the half empty parking lot for the train station at 5:45am, my commute to work already is underway.

I see other people doing the same thing. Getting out of their vehicles and walking towards the platform. It's the morning dance routine we practice every day.

Following them, I take my place on the platform where I know the door will be when the train pulls up.

I see a man drop his coffee cup and as he bends down to pick it up a newspaper flies out from under his arm and pages litter the platform. One person helps gather the pages but there are many already on the tracks.

That would have made a great photograph I think to myself, as I feel the weight of my camera bag on my hip. But I missed the moment.

It's dark out. The temperature is 32 degrees - my car told me so. It's not that cold though as the wind is minimal but it's kinda foggy. The train comes rushing into the station and now I feel the air pushing against me.

More newspaper pages fly about. Again, perhaps a nice photographic opportunity of the train pushing through the fog and stirring up the paper.

But no. The camera sits in my bag. Still.

The doors open and I step into a nice warm carriage and take my seat - legs pressed against the heating vent. This feels nice, I could fall asleep.

My legs get hot and I open my eyes. We're a little further into the journey and I see a guy with thick black hair carrying a skateboard has gotten on. Jeans are ripped and he's listening to some heavy metal through the largest headphones known to man. I close my eyes again for the remainder of the ride. My camera bag still against my hip.

Stepping off the train, it already looks like the homeless are out in force as they ask for spare change. This is what I don't like about working downtown. I move past them and walk the 10 minutes to my office. I pass couriers, buses, cyclists swerving around people as they cross the street, and brightly lit food carts.

My camera bag bumps against my hip. I feel for it and it's there. Hasn't moved all morning.

I get to my desk, I pick up my mug, head to the kitchen and make some coffee. As the coffee brews I think to myself about how many shots I missed this morning alone.

Back at my desk. I decide to write this to you so it becomes obvious that there are plenty of shots to be taken during your morning commute. Ample opportunity and all it takes is to open the bag and put the camera in your hand.

Commute and shoot.

All images in this post are stock images. That's what happens when you take no photographs, you have to improvise.