Street Photography Tips / by Jamie Bright

Being able to capture that moment in time gives you a great feeling. Missing a shot gives you a moment of disappointment, but that quickly passes. So don’t despair!

This article is aimed at newcomers to the street photography scene. You may lack courage, or may not know a quick style of shooting.

Here are 5 tips to help you just capture shots on the street.

Aperture Priority Mode

Using aperture priority mode on your camera will allow you to set your aperture and let the camera do the rest of the work. Especially if you’re in auto focus mode too! The term “set it and forget it” comes to mind.
Using f8 for example will ensure your subject and background is mostly in focus – unless it’s dark. Set your min shutter speed and max ISO accordingly.

Get close

Most street photography is taken using a 35 or 50mm lens. Great for capturing scenes, but you may find subjects appear too far away. Get closer to your subject. They won’t bite. If they do, be nice and show them your image and be respectful if they prefer it deleted. Offer to email it to them. Also take the opportunity to ask them if you can take more shots of them – once a conversation has begun, talk talk talk and shoot shoot shoot. Work those angles. You may even ask them to pose for you – don’t feel afraid to ask them to move to a cleaner background, or to mimic a gesture.

Use your dual SD card slots!

As in #2 above, if you’re in a public place and you’ve taken a photo of somebody, yet they’ve asked you to delete it – your dual SD card slots will be a savior. You can set your camera to write to both slots, and thus you’ll still have that shot when you get home.
For me, I shoot in JPG and RAW, so when I delete a file, the JPG gets deleted and I am left with the RAW file which I can edit!

Get drunk on coffee

Not a GREAT tip, but it boosts adrenaline and may even turn you into a chatty Kathy. For those a little shy in approaching people, coffee will perk you up and allow you to chase the shots!

Have fun!

Photography is such a fun thing to do. You are the artist so there is no right or wrong. Just abide by laws and enjoy yourself. Take photos of things which are interesting to you. If you love your image, that is all that counts.